Hi guys!

If you don't know my housemate Kirsten then you're missing out. This is only loosely relates to the title as she recently wrote a blog post about her heroes and it made me really emotional. Read it here for extra bonus points!

I have quite a few heroes, spread over many different categories, so get ready!

First of all we have the people who inspire me to do well with my blog.

The main person here is Zoe Sugg who I wrote about in my most recent post which you can read here. I started reading Zoe's blog and watching her videos over two years ago and I can honestly say that if she didn't then I would not have this blog now!
Sometimes when I feel like quitting this blog I just think that one day all these successful Bloggers and Vloggers started from the same place as me and anything is possible!

My other 'online' inspiration is the absolutely lovely Carrie Hope Fletcher.
I had the pleasure of meeting Carrie in the summer and she was so amazing it's unreal.I discovered Carrie at the same time as I first started watching Zoe and I love them equally even though a lot of their videos are completely different! It was between Carrie and John Mayer that made me want to start playing guitar and while that may have taken a back burner recently what with uni, i'm still glad I started even if I gave up after a short amount of time!

The next couple of people have to be the girls from back home, Charlotte and Leanne.
These girls have been my absolute rocks over the past few years, especially when I first started uni and I have no idea what I would do without them!
They inspire me to work hard every single day as they do and they're doing things that they love. I know that if I have a problem I can send them a message and they'll do their best to help me out.
Being at uni and being so far away from them is absolutely horrible, I'm going home this week and meeting up with them and I am so excited to be reunited. Seeing them every now and then isn't ideal and we've already talked about living together when we're finished with uni and gotten a bit more settled down with jobs!

My third and final hero is my brother Rob. 
To anyone else it might look like my brother and I don't get along, which is true for about 40% of the time. But once again my brother inspires me. He has worked hard to get to a position where he has a job that he enjoys for the most part, despite several things trying to get in the way and stop him!
We argue constantly but he is my big brother and I do look up to him. He turns 21 at the end of November which means he is actually an adult and as much he doesn't want to see himself that way, it's a fact!

That's it for today

Emily xo