The day our house became a crime scene

Hi guys!

So, unless you know my family and myself extremely well then you would have no idea that we are complete and utter NCIS addicts (Naval Criminal Investigative Service - it's a TV show). To celebrate the new season back in January, my mum went a little bit crazy and she decided to decorate the house (with a little help and inspiration from me)
We got tape and made evidence cards, why do it if you're not going to go all out?
This was where I helped out, I just had to lie on the floor (something I'm very good at!)
Rob came home and decided to draw a face on the 'body' because he's a bit weird. We all are really!

We turned the living room into a squad room/ crime scene and although it's sad, I don't even care!

And to commemorate one of our favourite characters, Ziva, we made cakes and mum bought cake toppers 
(This bit was probably too far, probably)

Trying to take a photo in a mirror with an iPad while being blinded by a homemade cardboard mask is hard work!

And yeah, that's just a little insight into my crazy family life, so if you think I'm weird you now know who is to blame!

Emily xo