I'm having a rant and I'm not even sorry

Hi guys!
Today my friend Charlotte wrote a blog post and the same topic came up in conversation when I went out for lunch with family and friends for my dads birthday. Here is the blog post and here is my response!

It really annoys me that some certain people claiming benefits get more money to live off of than I do as a student. Okay, the government pay for my education and they give me a student loan, but after I have paid for my accommodation I then have less than £400 to last me the year unless I find a job. As someone with little working experience in a town with a big student population, I was often finding myself without a job and with not enough money for me to eat, resulting in my mum having to do online food shopping for me.

Sure, I could drop out of education tomorrow and claim more than enough money to live off of for the rest of my life. Why the hell would I want to do that when I could get the satisfaction out of earning my money?
Maybe I'm being stuck up, Maybe I'm not seeing 'the full picture' but all I know is that if you have the money to buy the latest phones, brand new trainers and fancy clothes, and then ask for more money for food, why don't you stop buying all the latest gadgets, stop buying clothes with an excessive price tag, and maybe learn to budget a bit better?

This is just my opinion and if it has caused you offence then i'm sorry but that's really isn't my problem! I strongly urge you to read Charlotte's blog post that i linked further up as it really sparked up a debate when she shared it to her facebook earlier!

Emily xo