She's clumsy, she's an idiot (sometimes) and she's nearly 21

Hi guys!

Today's post has gone up late because I was back in Cheltenham for the evening to celebrate Kirsten's 21st, which isn't actual until Thursday, but the Americans are leaving and Kirsten's back in Cardiff.

To start with I had the job of keeping her out of her flat all evening until we went out for a surprise meal. I failed. Big time styley. We arrived at regency to the protests of Ryan, Megan and Ellie and I was told that I had one job to do, and I didn't even manage that! 
We eventually left regency 20 minutes before we were due to be at the restuarant and we still had to come back to my flat, get ready, and then walk all the way back to the harvester. We were only 45 minutes late!

While we were there we managed to reduce Kirsten to tears on 2 different occasions, the first when she read her card from her flat mates and the second when I made a speech before the food arrived.
(L-R: Munya, Ryan, Megan, Kirsten, Me, Ellie, Ashley, Daniel)

We were sadly missing the guys who are on the film course because they were running 3 hours behind schedule!

After saying goodbye to the over friendly waiter, we grabbed as many balloons and headed back to regency.

While we were waiting for Kirsten, Ellie ended up being attacked by the balloons from the harvester. Kirsten then cried again when she got her cake and when Hannah gave her her present.
Ryan also got a bit carried away with the balloons...

I've had a really good evening with everyone but it was so sad having to say goodbye to Kirsten, because I don't know when I'll next see her!
Munya, if you read this: you're fab and hilarious but I'm not going to write an entire blog post about you. Sorry hun!

Tomorrow I'm saying goodbye to the Americans and I'm going to cry, I know it!

Emily xo