You were my first drunk text

Hi guys!

Like I said yesterday I went into London to see Room Service and The Last Carnival, and they were amazing!
I first met Room Service last October when they were flyering at a Lawson gig and instantly knew they were hilarious guys and I wanted to support their band, before i'd even heard any of their music! 

While we were waiting for the doors to open we headed down the road to Sainsburys and bought some Creme Eggs for the boys, purely because they work so hard, bless 'em!
Bribery at it's finest!

Then as we were heading into the venue we thought it was odd that Room Service were the first support on, and then realised that we could hear them on stage already!
"Everyone turn around and take a selfie" well if you insist...

(also, found a new band to love The Colliers! they're hilarious, especially when Harry fell over on stage!)

I also learned that Tom dances like a dad and is a massive fangirl for The Last Carnival, bigger than Mike is for Paighton, and that's saying something! He also convinced the guys to get Room Service bottle openers when they were ordering new merch because he was convinced they would sell. they haven't been.
well that is, until now!
Pretty fitting lyrics for a bottle opener if you ask me!

We bullied Curtis into taking another selfie with us to keep up the tradition, and ended up having to spin around a lot until we found some decent lighting!
Exactly 4 months apart, I just hope I don't have to wait 4 months to see them again!

Overall I had a great night with Lucy and the guys, they are so hard working and dedicated it always makes seeing them worthwhile! If you ever get the chance to go and see these guys I strongly urge you do, mainly because they have a song about Harry Potter! (they also have one about drunk texting, i've never heard a song more fitting to me!) Also, if you go and see them, take them food! they'll love you forever then!

so thats todays post, it was quite long, sorry!

Emily xo

where to find Room Service: