My first time

Hi guys!
I'm doing another tag post today, thanks to the lovely Kirsten!
This is the 'my first time' tag and no, okay?

first best friend? 
that would probably be Georgie, our mums were friends before we were born and we grew up together a bit.
first kiss?
I was about 15 and it was with someone who shall not be named. Or mentioned. Ever again.
first concert?
I think I'm ashamed to say it but it was JLS, who recently broke up

first celebrity crush?
Either Paul from S Club or Bradley from S Club Juniors
first word?
I just asked my mum, she doesn't know... How bloody rude!

first pet? 
Never actually had my own pet!
first job?
I had a paper round for a little bit, but before then my only 'job' had been as an extra in a film
first phone? 
It was a Nokia I think when I was in year 7
first tweet?
"@wossy any chance you could get the twilight cast on the show before you leave?"
first make up?
Mascara and lip gloss I think?

So yeah, that's that!
Charlotte, you're up ;)

Emily xo