You've got a friend in me

Hello everyone!
I'm back with another post because I just love all this far too much! Today I thought I would introduce you to some of the most important in my life, my friends! (This will be long, just a warning!)

To start with there is Charlotte and Leanne. These two girls are the big sisters I've never had and even though we rarely see each other because of uni and work, we're still as close as ever! (They're also both fellow nandos lovers!)

I started talking to Leanne in September 2011 through mutual friends because we were fans of the same band (The Wanted) and then we first met that December. She's currently training to be a teacher (primary with special needs, I think) and I honestly know that any child will be lucky to have her as a teacher! She's kind-hearted, down to earth, honest, funny and overall brilliant! This girl has been there for me when I've been stressing out and she helps cool me down! I don't know where I'd be without her!

I met Charlotte in the summer of 2012 at a gig in London to celebrate the Olympics, we met through the same person who introduced me and Leanne which is fab! She's a legal secretary and for the most part loves her job! She's the sensible one out of the two of us, but is such a laugh and doesn't mind making soup at 1 am when she comes to visit me at uni! Charlotte has a blog which can be found here...
The only sober picture of the 3 of us, taken on my 18th birthday back in May.
Leanne and I last October on a London bus.
Charlotte and I getting ready for a night out just last week

Next up is my little Sammy (Sam for everyone else). Me and Sam have known each since year 5 so for about 9 years! There's a running theme with these friends, we're all friends because if The Wanted! Sam is a touh little cookie who's been through a hell of a lot but I am so unbelievably proud of her! Also, don't mess with her, she's a black belt and has 2 dogs the size of bears!
Prom in 2011 and the pub in 2013, haven't we changed!

The uni gals are up next: Ellie, Kirsten and Laura.
I've known Laura since 2011 through Leanne and she's an absolute babe, I don't understand her a lot of the time though because she has such a think Birmingham accent!
I introduced myself to Kirsten over twitter last summer when I found out we would be on the same course, turns out I'd followed her for a while because guess what, she's a fan of The Wanted! (Turns out she's also friends with Sam, small world eh!) Kirsten also has a blog which can be found here...
Ellie is the only one who isn't a fan of that boyband, but we had our interview on the same day and apparently I made an impression!
I'm going to be living with Kirsten and Ellie as of September and we get along like a house on fire, with far to many drunken nights out that have happened and many more to come!
Kirsten and me
Ellie and me at gloucester cathedral, where part of Harry potter was filmed!
This was Laura's and mine reaction on being taught how to use tumblr, us two are constantly on it, we don't need lessons!
All four of us

I appreciate this has been a long post so thanks for sticking around, I'll update you all tomorrow I'm sure!

Emily xo