My bucket list

Another sneaky post today purely because the last one wasn't that interesting! This one as you may have already guessed is going to be thing on my bucket list and my New Years resolution!

Let's start with the main one, my resolution. Normally for me it's been to tidy my room more, visit the gym every week etc but this year I felt I needed a change! I decided that over the past few years I've let other people control my happiness, I lied to people in order to make them feel better which as a result made me feel like shit, quite frankly! I went into detail in an Instagram post which is here... (I'm also doing the #365selfiechallenge so you get to see a picture of my face everyday, how lucky!)

Now onto the bucket list:
1. Learn to play the guitar! 
I grew up never playing an instrument (I think my parents were a bit wary after rob 'learnt' the recorder in year 4!) so at the start of 2013 I bought myself a guitar off of a friend and was determined to teach myself. 13 months later and I have achieved nothing!
Here is a picture of me attempting to teach myself back in the summer...

2. Learn to bake like they can on the Great British Bake Off!
I mean, who doesn't want to make the Eiffel Tower out of French macarons? Or the Empire State Building out of millionaires shortbread? All I can manage at the moment is cakes and that's not exactly the most exciting thing in the world!

3. Drive from New York to Los Angeles and visit as many states and landmarks along the way!
This one is the main one! These 2 cities are the places I want to visit the most and what would be better than driving across an amazing country and taking it all in? I just need to learn how to drive first...

4. Live and work in London!
Again, one of the main ones.mas I said in my second post, I absolutely adore London! It's where I feel most at home and the thought of living there always leaves a smile on my face! Moving there after uni sounds like the best plan but it also means trying to find a job, preferably in the music and/or events industry! I might not be there straight away but it's almost certain that I'll live there at some point in my life!
My heart belongs to this city, sorry boys! ;)

That's it for this post, another short but sweet one!

Emily xo