A slight addiction to London and John Mayer

I'm currently sat in the bedroom I grew up in for the first 18 years of my life writing this, I'm also sat on the floor because my charger doesn't reach my bed, how fabulous!
As I said yesterday, I'm going to tell you some more stuff about me, I don't know if it'll be interesting or not though!

1. My URL is from my favourite song, Something Like Olivia by John Mayer, it's amazing and the acoustic version on YouTube is even better! John Mayer is a phenomenal musician and I've loved nearly everything he has done. Seeing him live last year was unbelievable and I can't thank my brother enough for buying my ticket for me!

2. I have one older sibling, Rob, he's 20 (18 months older than me) and because of the close age gap we either get on like a house on fire or argue until we're blue in the face, normally the latter!

3. I've never had a pet! Rob had some fish but they tragically died when someone (me) over fed them! I haven't been allowed one because of this and no matter how often i've begged my parents, they didn't budge!

4. My full name is Emily Jane Weall, and it's one of the most boring names I've ever encountered! Emily Jane, really mum? EVERY Emily I know is an Emily Jane!

5. I'm in my first year of university in Gloucestershire and I study Music and Media Management. Don't ask me what I want to do as a career, I have no idea! 

6. I'm fussy when it comes to food and hate trying new things, but the foods I love tend to be sweets and chocolate!

7. Sport is a big no-no for me! I'll watch it on the tv but that's my limit! I have awful hand eye coordination and the thought of running makes me feel tired! I tried gymnastics in 2012 but only lasted 5 months, dismal!

8. Whilst I live with an amazing group of people (7 guys and 2 girls, including me!) living in halls can be a bit stressful, especially when everyone's practically on top of each other because the flat is so small! Because of this I've started to value peace and quiet and independency, I have no problem walking to the shops to get some food on my own - just to get away from it all!

9. Saving the best till last, I love London! Seriously, 100% in a magical love affair with my favourite city in the world! I love the rush of the people of the streets, the journeys on the tube, the atmosphere on south bank, the tourists taking pictures, everything! When I was in Hertfordshire I could be in Central London in half an hour, now, travelling from cheltenham takes hours and costs a fortune and that makes me so sad I could cry. It's not the city of love, but it's the city that I love! I could talk about London all day, but I'll save that for another post!

That's it from me, I don't know if any of this is interesting, But anyway I'll talk to you soon
Emily xo

The perfect version of the perfect song!

Rob and me, I told him to do the cheesiest smile, this is all he could muster up!

Rob and I at wembley a few years back before I saw my very first rugby game, Saracens vs Ospreys

Some pictures of some of my flat mates and some girls from my course (Kirsten and Ellie) who'll be living with as of September!