Christmas Gift Guide 2018: For The Lazy Girl

Hi Guys!

I think it's fair to say that everyone is starting to think ahead to the festive period and for many that includes Christmas shopping. If you have no idea what you want/need to buy for that gal or guy in your life that seems to be surgically attached to the sofa and/or a blanket (me) then have no fear, my Lazy Gal Gift Guide is here!


10 Things to Make You Happy When The World is Going to Shit

Hi guys!

So sometimes it can feel like there's nothing all that great happening in the world, Donald Trump is president, the Brexit negotiations are a shambles, Love Island has now finished for another year and it can all get a bit too much. So i've devised a plan - a list of things that make me extremely happy - in the hopes that they make you happy too!


The Tourist Guide To: Barcelona

Hi guys!

So, you may have seen that recently I've been off on me 'olidays and went to Barcelona and Rome, and you guys seemingly loved my 'Tourists Guide to Dublin' so I thought I'd give it another whirl!


T W E N T Y // T H R E E

Hi Guys!
Welcome to what I like to call 'Emily turned 23 last week and got nostalgic and so decided to impart some probably shite wisdom upon her readers.'

Lower your expectations in advanced.